“Whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord.” Ephesians. 6:8
Thank you for choosing to partner with Hotline To Heaven – a Global Prayer and Deliverance Ministry (HTH). We are excited to have you onboard. Welcome to the beginning of a rewarding prayer life and spiritual journey of a lifetime. Your intimate relationship with God is about to go to the next level!
As a Ministry Partner, you will receive:
1. A complimentary CD of biblical proclamations and decrees over the believer’s life and situations.
2. Free attendance of HTH prayer conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
3. Complimentary Partners ONLY Breakfast with the Prayer Watchman.
4. First to receive ministry updates and upcoming events.
5. Priority seatings at HTH Conventions.
……and so much more

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